11th Annual Poway Cruisers Members Christmas Party, 12/14/2017

11th Annual Poway Cruisers Members Christmas Party, 12/14/2017

Merry Christmas, Everyone! The Poway Cruisers Christmas Party was held on Thursday evening, December 14th, at Carvers Steak & Chops in Rancho Bernardo. Carvers is a wonderful restaurant and does a great job catering groups.
To get the evening going and put everyone in a party mood, the Decorating Committee (Molly Personius, Bonnie Badders) and their team arrived early and decorated the room and tables with Christmas garland, lights, Poinsettias, and lots of candy kisses and mints.
Everyone else began arriving around 5:00 PM, and the party got started. By 6:00 PM all 42 members that signed up had arrived, and the room was buzzing. Carvers had 3 wait staff assigned to our room, so the libations where kept flowing and cold. About 6:30 we placed our orders, and around 7:00 PM the food was being served.
Carvers served us very tender Prime Rib, absolutely juicy Filet Mignon, delicious Salmon, and very tasty New Your Strip Steak dinners. Then we had a hiccup.  Carvers had neglected to prepare deserts for our menu, so the dinner portion of the evening was over pre-maturely.
After the meal was finished, and we had a few minutes to relax and enjoy an after dinner toddy or coffee, the Gift Exchange started.  What fun! We had at least 23 gifts to pull, trade, and steal. The exchange took over an hour to conduct, with lots of stealing.  Interesting, compared to the previous years’ exchanges, there we’re no duplicate gifts. Last year there were 5 or 6 duplicates, and they were frequently subject to stealing.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the evening in spite of missing desert. Lesson learned for next year.
We wrapped everything up around 9:15 PM, and called it a night. Can’t wait to do it again in 2018.
In attendance at the 2017 Christmas Party:

Fred & Patty Adler                                    Earl, Danielle Asbury & Bessie

Ed & Carol Asbury                                    Jerry & Bonnie Badders

Mary Bielaska                                            Dick & Earlene Blank

Bill & Linda Bryan                                     Chuck & Jenny Bush

George & Joyce Cowman                           Laura Frietas

Gerrie & Maryann Griffin                          Sam & Brenda Grinceri

Dale & Dee Harbrueger                              Bob & Carol Jacoby

Lynn Kunce                                                John & Sandy McDowell

Bill & Molly Personius                               Mike Petermann & Susan Graves

Dick Pinta                                                   Tom & Coralie Walker

Travis & Vicki Williams                             Ron & Kathy Shedd

Barbara Stazko & Friend

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