16th Annual Christian Rods & Customs Car Show

16th Annual Christian Rods & Customs Car Show

We started the day as planned, with four of us getting together at the Lowes on Poway Rd. at  7:00.  We hit the road at 7:15 with the sun on windshield made it hard to see. I had to clean my windshield as we waited for Gerrie & Mary Ann at the top of Poway Road and Hwy 67. From there we made an uneventful cruise to Spring Valley.

Making the drive were:

Earl Asbury with his 65 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa Convertible (Wagon Master)
George & Joyce Cowman in their ’37 Buick Special Coupe
Gerrie & Mary Ann Griffin in their ’30 Ford Model A Tudor
Lynn & Leonard Kunce driving their ’41 Ford 2dr Sedan

It was a little warm but the breeze helped cool us off as well as the Pop-up that George & Joyce brought. Joyce and I were multiple raffle prize winners with the prizes reminding us of the old Chicken Pie Dinner days.

The real winners were:
The Poway Cruisers took the Club Participation trophy, Lynn & Leonard Kunce with their ’41 Ford 2dr Sedan received the award for Best Interior and George & Joyce Cowman in their ’37 Buick Special Coupe were awarded BEST OF SHOW.

Congratulations to both of them..

Pictures from the Show by George & Earl.  Click on a picture to enlarge.

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