2015 Poway Cruisers at El Cajon 6/3/15

Poway Cruisers at El Cajon 2015

It started out not looking very good for club participation.  We only had 6 cars (12 members) on the signup sheet, and of those 6 cars, 4 backed out.  But, we had 9 cars (11 members) that decided to go at the last minute, so we ended up with 11 cars plus several friends join us on Orange Ave. As it turned out, one of our “friends” took home an award: Dan Claycamp with his ‘64(?) Caddy Convertible.  Pretty sure the show people thought he was a Poway Cruiser because he was parked with us. He’s a good friend of member Wally Jewell.

 Participating were:

George & Joyce Cowman, Wagon Master – ’37 Buick Coupe
Gerrie & Mary Ann Griffin – ’30 Model A Sedan
Cliff Cunningham – ’73 Dodge Challenger
Bob Sarwacinski – ’64 Ford Ranchero
Greg & Karen Thiem – ’36 Ford Coupe
Tom Schmidt – ’68 Mustang
Gerry & Kristy Keller – ’71 Dodge Challenger
Dan Martin – ’55 Chevrolet Bel Air
Mike McCrea – Meyers Manx
Doug Smith – ’50 Mercury 4 Dr
Frank Frances (New Member) – ’40 Ford Coupe
Dan Claycamp (Friend of Member Wally Jewell) – ’64 Cadillac Convertible

The show was enjoyable, with between 100-120 cars participating. Not as crowded as Cruise’n Grand. The show started breaking up about 7:00 PM, We stayed until 7:25, then lit out for home.

George Cowman

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