2016 American Heritage Car Show

Hey Gang!

We started the day as planned at the Mercado Shopping Center. The morning was overcast and cool, making for a very pleasant morning. Our little band of 8 travelers left for the show at 7 Am and made the drive in less than 25 minutes.  We scored a nice parking area right on the sidewalk along the west side of the park.  By 8:45 Am, the late comers joined the fun, bringing our total count to 16 cars, and around 29 members.

The Escondido Historical Society served up a nice pancake breakfast as a fund raiser, and provided 2 really good food venders for lunch: Hunter Steakhouse served up great Tri-Tip, Pulled Pork, and Grilled Chicken dished, and another vender had every kind of hot dog/sausage you could want.

I think participation for the show was down from previous years, as the park was not as crowded as last year: maybe 180-200 vehicles.

When it came time to start breaking camp and packing the mules, we were informed that The Shedd’s ’40 Ford 2 Dr  Sedan, Dick Blank’s ’55 Ford Crown Victoria, and Our ’37 Buick had been selected for People’s Choice Awards. In addition, the Club was awarded he Club participation Award.  Nice way to end the show.

We were on the road home by about 3:45 PM. Another fun day on the grass (what was left of it) in Escondido, and the Poway Cruisers did bring the fun.

George Cowman
Events Coordinator
Poway Cruisers Car Club

Pictures by George, Click on to enlarge.

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