2016 Cruisers Picnic at Poway Lake

Hey Fellow Cruisers!

Well, our annual picnic at Poway Lake is behind us, and it was a great time. Southern California served up a trademark early summer day, warm but not too warm with a nice breeze most of the day.  Just another day in paradise.

The day started with the setup crew arriving at Area 6 about 6:15 AM (George, Joyce, Bill, Ron) and the setup began. Then Fred & Pat Adler arrived and brought a very nice  breakfast casserole to share, and Linda Bryan arrived with a load of fresh donuts to sustain the setup crew. From then on to about 10:45 AM, the rest of the group trickled in, so by about 11:15 we had 45 members and friends hanging out at the lake. We also just about filled up all the parking adjacent to Area 6 with 20 members hot rides on display.

Once the popup canopies where in place, the food organized, and the charcoal grills charged and ready, it was time for fun and games.  Several members (Joe & Carol Artino, Rix & Linda Milford, Bill & Molly Personius) brought fun lawn games (Bocce Ball, Horse Shoe toss, beanbag toss (Corn Hole Game), which provided some “athletic” entertainment for some. After the lunch, Linda Bryan called several lively Bingo games.

Regarding the food: we were blessed with an overabundance of very tasty eats. The potluck provided just about every fun picnic food you could want: potato salad, chips & dip, cheese nachos, deviled eggs, taco salad, gourmet baked beans, sweet hot chili, macaroni salad, all kinds of fresh fruit (watermelon, berries of several kinds, cantaloupe, musk melon, grapes, etc.), coleslaw, and many many deserts (cupcakes, lemon bars, tarts, brownies, pineapple upside down cake, and more). Around 11:40 AM, George & Bill started serving up hamburgers, cheeseburgers, beer brats, and huge quarter pound hot dogs with all the trimmings. No one went home hungry.

By about 2:15 PM everyone had pegged their fun meters, where suitably stuffed and ready for an afternoon nap. So we held the 50/50 OD, which was won by Kathy Shedd. We then broke camp, cleaned up the area, and were on the road home by 2:30 PM.

A special thanks to everyone who stepped in to help with setup, keeping the food organized and presentable, and the cleanup at the end of the day.  With everyone pitching in it made for quick work and a very pleasant outing.

The 2016 10th Annual Poway cruisers Members Picnic is in the books.  Can’t wait for next summer so we can do it again.

George & Joyce cowman
Events Coordinator and Picnic Chairpersons
Poway Cruisers Car Club

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