2016 Fords & Friends Picnic

29th Fords & Friends Picnic, hosted by the San Diego Chapter of Pickups Unlimited

The day started out on the cool side, and stayed that way pretty much all day. We met at the Mercado Shopping Center as planned and hit the road for Grape Day Park a few minutes after 7:00 AM. Making the drive together were: George & Joyce Cowman in their ’37 Buick Coupe, Lynn & Leonard Kunce in their ’41 Ford 2Dr Sedan,

Dan Biggs braving the cool morning in his ’27 Ford T-Roadster Pickup, and Joe Blazick in his red ’56 Ford Thunderbird. The drive was smooth and uneventful, taking about 20 minutes.

When we arrived we found Earl & Ed Asbury hanging out with Earl’s  ’29 Ford Model A Sedan Delivery and friend Barry Penn with his ’50 Ford Woody. They were already parked in a great location with plenty of room for the rest of us. As the morning rolled on, we were joined by Bill & Peggy Troop with their ’66 Mustang, Bill Avery in his ’65 Ranchero, Joe Musick with his ’69 Opel GT Coupe.  We also found Lew Prince with his ‘61 Pontiac Bonneville parked a few rows away.  Eventually. Paul Bundy, Gerald DeSoto, and a few other members made it to the show.

The Pickups Unlimited folks produced a very enjoyable get together. Lunch was provided, and included a very good Hebrew National monster hot dog, baked beans, chips, a nice cookie, and drink. There was also a very good selection of raffle prizes and a $215.00 50/50 prize. Our members took home several prizes, but missed on the 50/50 OD.

When it came time for awards, Earl Asbury’s ’29 Ford Model A Sedan Delivery won for “Best Paint” , and Joe Musick’s ’69 Opel GT garnered the “Best Orphan Car”. And, the Poway Cruisers received the “Club Participation” award.

The show was over and we were on our way home by 2:25 PM. Great show, and a very enjoyable, but cool, day. We’ll definitely consider this show again next year.

George Cowman
Events Coordinator
Poway Cruisers Car Club

Photos by George Click on a photo to enlarge.

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