25th Annual Camaro Club Fall Classic Car Show 9/16/2018

25th Annual Camaro Club Fall Classic Car Show 9/16/2018

It was another wonderful day in Valley Center this last Sunday. Nine club members driving 6 cars participated in the 25th Annual Camaro Club Fall Classic Car Show at Bates Nut Farm. This was the first time the show was held at Bates. Past Shows had been at Embarcadero Marina Park North at Seaport Village. Could this be a sign of things to come?

As planned, 3 of us met in the Mercado Shopping Center parking lot in Rancho Bernardo around 6:45 and headed for Valley Center: Fred & Pat Adler in their Porsche 356, Bob Dunn in his very nicely restored ’67 Camaro, and George & Joyce Cowman in their ’37 Buick Coupe. Just as we departed, members Tim & Michelle Shinn joined the caravan in their very nice ’69 Camaro. Traffic was almost non-existent, and we made the drive in about 15 minutes, arriving so early that the Camaro Club folks were not even setup to register and park cars. After a short wait, we got parked in a choice spot under the trees and on the grass. It was so nice we didn’t even setup our popup. As the morning progressed, Dale Vermillion in his ’67 Corvette, and Doug Smith in his Nova joined the fun.

The show was small, probably between 70-80 cars, of course most of them Camaros. Quality Chevrolet had two 2018 LT1 Camaros, one white the other electric blue, on display. Fabulous and pricy beasts!

Around 8:00 AM the Nut Farm folks opened the short order concession and started making breakfast burritos and serving hot coffee. Once fed, we turned our attention to the cars and did the usual dusting, cleaning, polishing, and staging for the show. Then it was just hangout, swap lies and alibis, check the raffle numbers every hour and wait for lunch.

After lunch the closing ceremonies began. The “big” raffle prize winners were drawn, but none of us won. We did win a bunch of the smaller prizes, so some of the ladies went home happy. Then it was time for the awards. Poway Cruisers Fred Adler’s 356 Porsche and Dale Vermillion’s ’67 Corvette took home People Choice Awards. And, the Poway Cruisers were awarded the Club Participation Award. Congratulations Fred and Dale, and the Cruisers!

It was all over by 1:30 PM and we hit the road for home. For a change, Bates Nut Farm was not as dusty as it has been in the past. Maybe because it was a smaller show and everyone got parked in the shade and on the grass helped. Still, made for a really nice Sunday.

Once again, the Poway Cruisers brought the fun and had a wonderful day in the country.

Reported by:
George Cowman
Poway Cruisers Car Club

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