50’s Rock in the Park SDCE

As planned, we mustered in the Lowe’s parking lot at 3:00 PM, and pulled out for Ramona precisely at 3:15 PM. We had 8 cars in our little caravan when we left Lowes, and picked up 4 more along the way. We made the drive in about 40 minutes, taking it slow and easy. San Vicente Road from Norwalk to the Estates is undergoing improvements, so there were lots of K-Rails lining the roadway.

Of the 12 cars that made the drive, 10 got parked together. 2 participants had to crash the party, so they were held back and aloud to park after all pre-registered cars were parked. I did not get an official car count, but I estimate there were around 65 cars and 2 motorcycles showing.  I did not attend last year, but it seemed down some from 2 years ago.

The afternoon was pretty warm when we arrived, probably around 92-93 F, but by 5:15 PM it was cooling off for a very pleasant evening. The local residents began arriving in force about 5:15, and the park soon filled with families who came to enjoy the cars, music, food, and camaraderie. There were 2 pretty good food venders offering Mexican food and good BBQ and brisket meals. There was also free popcorn, and live rock and roll music.  There was even a 50/50 OD with the winner taking home $168.00. Unfortunately, it was not one of the Poway Cruisers.  However, Poway Cruiser Patrick Burns was awarded the Best of Show trophy for his stunning black ‘68 Camaro 396.

I’m not sure when the party actually ended, but most of the Poway Cruisers bugged out about 7:15 PM, ending a very pleasant evening.

George Cowman
Wagon Master, 13th Annual Car Show & 50’s Rock in the Park, Ramona Oaks Park

Pictures by George Cowman             Click on a picture to enlarge


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