Cajon Classic Cruise on August 30, 2017

Poway Cruisers at the Cajon Classic Cruise on August 30, 2017

What an enjoyable evening. Started out pretty warm, but cooled off nicely be the end of the evening.

As planned a bunch of us met in the Lowes Home Improvement parking lot at 3:30p. Joining the caravan at Lowes were: Earl Asbury & Bessie in Earl’s ’29 Ford Model A Sedan Delivery, Ed & Carol Asbury in their ’33 Ford 4dr Sedan, Fred Kokaska in his ’61 Corvette, Ron & Kathy Shedd driving their ’40 Ford 2dr Sedan, and George & Joyce Cowman in their ’37 Buick Special Coupe. The little caravan departed for El Cajon at 3:45p, picked up Greg Thiem in his ’36 Ford Coupe at the top of the Poway Grade on CA-67, and headed down the hill to El Cajon. Traffic was light and pretty smooth, with just a little delay going through Lakeside. We arrived at the reserved parking on Orange Ave by 4:35p. Within 30 minutes we were joined by Bill Troop in his ’68 Mustang Coupe, and a little alter by Ed VanLaningham and Lana Thompson his their Falcon Convertible.

As expected, it was pretty warm, so out came the popup canopy for some much needed shade. Wasn’t much cooler, but at least we were protected from the direct sun. After a little rest, we walked the Cruise, scoped out the other cars and a boatload of motorcycles (it was Harley Davidson Stampede Night), checked out some of Steve Lordigan’s antics, then stopped in at Nicolosi’s Italian Restaurant and had a very enjoyable dinner. By the time we finished dinner and walked the Cruise back to our area, we were surprised to find that two of the Poway Cruisers cars had been selected for awards: Earl’s ’29 Ford Model A Sedan Delivery took home a Special Recognition Award, and George & Joyce’s ’37 Buick was selected as the Best of Show. Wow! What a way to end the evening!

Just goes to prove once again that the Poway Cruisers do bring the fun!

Reported by:
George Cowman
President & Events Coordinator
Poway Cruisers Car Club

Pictures by George:

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