Cruisers at the Cops & Rodders / Fall Pow Wow 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014 the Poway Cruisers had 22 cars that attended the Cops and Rodders show at the Embarcadero by Sea Port Village.  The weather was perfect and the show was a success. The day started off with breakfast in Sea Port Village, out on the patio with most of the Cruisers who drove down together at 6:30 a.m.  Several others came down a little after the main group and had to park a little distance from the Early Birds  Two of our members were trophy winners: Chuck Kramer and his 28 Touring Car along with Tim Schmidt and his 68 Mustang.  Once again the Poway Cruisers were out in force, if there had been a Participation Award, we probably would have one that too.

Cruisers attending:


  1.  Ned & Tara Personius
  2.  Joe & Carol Artino
  3.  Leonard & Lynn Kunce
  4.  Brenda Anthony
  5.  Bill & Linda Bryan
  6.  Bill & Molly Personius
  7.  Travis & Vicki Williams
  8.  Earl Asbury
  9.  Ron & Kathy Shedd
  10. George Cowman
  11. Bob & Carol Jacoby
  12. Bruce Farmer
  13. Dick & Earlene Blank
  14. Fred & Terry Edwards
  15. Alex & Jean Ann Abosamra
  16. Ron & Kathy Thill
  17. Chuck Kramer
  18. Tom Schmidt
  19. Doug Smith
  20. Louis & Joyce Heyn
  21. Natalie Adams
  22. Hollywood & Vine

Respectfully submitted by Leonard & Lynn Kunce

Pictures by George Cowman

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