Deer Park San Diego Cadillac LaSalle Club Car Show 4/15/18

Poway Cruisers at the 2018 Deer Park San Diego Cadillac LaSalle Club Car Show

Sunday, 4/15 we attended the 2018 Deer Park SDCLC Car Show at the Deer Springs Winery in north Escondido. The club had 10 cars make the show, with 7 making it by caravan from the Mercado Shopping Center in RB. Attending the show were:

Joe & Carol Artino drove their ’69 Pontiac Firebird Sprint
Dick Blank in his ’55 Ford Crown Victoria
David Skarr in his fresh ’69 Camaro RS
Ed & Carol Asbury in their ’67 Pontiac GTO
Travis & Vicki Williams driving their ’06 Cadillac XLR-V
Victor & Robin Scalco in their ’69 Camaro Convertible
Joe Musick and his ’69 Opel GT
Dale Vermillion and his ’67 Corvette
Lou & Joyce Heyn in their ’84 Camaro
George & Joyce Cowman in their ’37 Buick Special Coupe

As promised, Jack Brackx had reserved parking for us along the stream bed. This show was very laid back, on the grass, and much cooler than the show on Saturday. Not sure how many cars were in attendance, but I estimate 90. When it came time to collect the loot around 1:00 PM, 3 Poway Cruiser cars took home People’s Choice trophies: Travis & Vicki Williams ’06 Cadillac XLR-V, Dale Vermillion’s Corvette, and George & Joyce’s ’37 Buick.

Everyone had a nice relaxing time chilling in the shade of the Winery.

Reported by:
George Cowman
President & Event Coordinator
Poway Cruisers Car Club

Dear Park
San Diego Cadillac LaSalle Club

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