KUSI & Heartbeat Happening XVIII at Bates Nut Farm

Hey Fellow Cruisers!

What a fun Sunday it was! 10 of our members got their classic/hot rod/muscle car on KUSI TV, and then along with another 13 got to bask in the glory of the Heartbeat Classics Car Show at Bates Nut Farm.

The day started well with this group of 10 meeting at the old Albertsons Grocery parking lot on Penasquitos Dr at 6:30 AM. We left on time for KUSI at 6:45 AM, and arrived at KUSI on Viewridge Ave at 7:00 AM. We got parked in the back lot and hung out for about 30  minutes with Dave Stall and Dan Plante, then Dave and Dan both interviewed everyone and spot lighted each car.  Everyone was great, and the cars showed really well. I think we were on the air for over 10 minutes. We were done a few minutes before 8:00 AM, then hit the road and made it to Bates close about 8;30 AM. The 10 members who participated in the promo where:

  • Chuck & Lisa Head in their ’71 Olds,
  • Earl Asbury with his ’29 Model A Sedan Delivery,
  • Fred Kokaska in his ‘671 Corvette,
  • Matt Galaski in his ’65 Mustang,
  • Ron & Kathy Shedd driving their ’40 Ford,
  • Ray Kusmer in his freshly done ’72 Nova,
  • Bob Irwin in his ’51 Chevrolet Coupe
  • Rick Milford in his ’31 Ford Vicky,
  • Bill Haselton in his ’47 Ford Tudor,
  • Joyce and me in our ’37 Buick Coupe.
  • We picked up Lynn& Leonard Kunce in their ’41 Ford along the way.

Here’s a link to the KUSI video of the interview:



About the same time the KUSI group was socializing at KUSI, the group going to the Heartbeat Happening were just leaving the Mercado Shopping Center at 7:15 AM. Bill and Linda Bryan led this group.  Joining Bill and Linda for the drive were:

  • Ed VanLaningham in his ’66 Mustang,
  • Joe & Carol Artino in the ’69 Pontiac Firebird,
  • Jack Brackx in his ’70 Cadillac (he meet the group along Bear Valley Parkway),
  • Bonnie & Jerry Badders driving their ’67 Chevy C-10,
  • Jerry Reed in his ’32 Chevy
  • Chuck Kramer wheeling his ’28 Chevy Touring,
  • Walter Borra with his ’34 Chevy Sedan,
  • Dick Pinta & jane Skeel in Dick’s 66 Mustang,
  • Fred & Pat Adler in their Corvair Rampside Pickup,
  • Pat Mallard in his ’30 Ford Pickup,
  • Gary and Jan Haugley driving something (never found out),
  • Paul Bundy driving their ’32 Ford Roaster (he meet the group along Bear Valley Parkway).

Joining the fun at the show were Alex and JeanAnn Abosamra drove their ‘32 Ford Roadster.

Even though the plan to reserve parking spots for the KUSI group fell through, we still ended up all parked in the same general area, just across the road from each other.  Worked out pretty well.  The day stayed cool, and the company warm. The only downer for the whole day was the layer of fine brown dirt that covered everything by the time the show was over at 2:30 PM.

Proving that the Poway Cruisers do indeed “bring the fun”, several Cruisers brought home some nice gold.  Beautiful wall plaque awards where won by:

  • Earl Asbury’s ’29 Ford Sedan Delivery
  • Jerry & Bonnie Badders ’67 Chevrolet C-10 Pickup
  • Chuck Kramer’s ’28 Chevrolet Touring
  • Rick & Linda Milford’s ’32 Ford Vickie
  • Fred & pat Adler’s ’61 Corvair Rampside Pickup
  • Poway Cruisers also took home the Club Participation Award with 20 cars.

To wrap up a phenomenal day for the Cruisers, George & Joyce won an 8” Tablet PC and a beautiful piece of automotive graphic art, and Bonnie Badders snagged a very large 50/50 OD.

That’s it for Sunday, April 24th. Another wonderful SoCal spring day. “ The Poway Cruisers do bring the fun!”

George Cowman
Events Coordinator
Poway Cruisers Car Club

Pictures from Heartbeat Happening:

HeartBeat 01 HeartBeat 02 HeartBeat 03 HeartBeat 04 HeartBeat 05 HeartBeat 06 HeartBeat 07 HeartBeat 08 HeartBeat 09 HeartBeat 10 HeartBeat 11 HeartBeat 12 HeartBeat 13 HeartBeat 14 HeartBeat 15 HeartBeat 16 HeartBeat 17 HeartBeat 18 HeartBeat 19 HeartBeat 20 HeartBeat 21 HeartBeat 22 HeartBeat 23 HeartBeat 25 HeartBeat 26

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