MCCS MCRD Classic Car Show on the Bay

A great day, and really enjoyable car show. The day started cool, and stayed very comfortable all day.  A fair ocean breeze and lightly overcast skies kept it quite nice.

We mustered at the Carmel Mountain Ranch Haggen’s Food & Pharmacy as planned, with 9 cars making the caravan to the show:

Mike Sherbo’s 39 Chevrolet Coupe
Paul & Sigrid Bundy’s ’32 Ford Roadster
Bill and Lynn Bryan’s ’37 Ford 2dr Sedan
George & Joyce Cowman’s ’37 Buick Coupe (Wagon Masters)
Fred Adler in his ’62 Porsche 356
Alex Abosamra’s ’32 Ford Roadster
Rick & Linda Milford’s ’34 Ford Roadster
Fred LaCorte’s ’50 Oldsmobile Convertible
Bill Shiels and his ’06 Mustang GT

We made the drive down in fine fashion, arriving right at 0800, where we were greeted by some very nice and professional Marine MP’s, and processed in very quickly. We had a little mix up with getting parked, but got it worked out with most of us parked on the grass close to the bay.

Joining the group at the show were:
Patrick Burns ’68 Camaro driven by his brother Mark
Brenda Anthony’s Jeep
Ed VanLaningham & Lana Thompson in Ed’s ’49 Ford Pickup
Eric & Brenda Bence’s ’12 Dodge Challenger SRT8

This brought our group to 13 cars and 18 members at the show.

The rest of the morning and early afternoon were spent hanging out, shooting the bull, checking for prize drawings, walking the grounds seeing old friends and making new ones, and eating.  The show greatly improved the food offerings over last year, with 3 food trucks in addition to the Bay Club Restaurant and the Boat House Grill. There was plenty to eat and drink.

As scheduled, the awards were presented starting right at 1330, and the whole thing was done by a few minutes after 1400. No one from the Cruisers trophied this time, but there’s next year.

Here are some photos of the show:

Hanging out at MCRD on the Bay 2015.

MCRD 2015 19

Poway Cruisers bivouac at MCRD.

MCRD 2015 17

Wide shot of Poway Cruisers row at MCRD.

MCRD 2015 01

Wagon Masters George & Joyce Cowman’s ’37 Buick at MCRD.

MCRD 2015 05

Bill Bryan’s ’37 Ford 2dr Sedan at MCRD.

MCRD 2015 03

Fred LaCorte’s famous ’50 Oldsmobile Convertible at MCRD.

MCRD 2015 06

Fred Adler’s fun ’62 Porsche 356 at MCRD, complete with sexy mechanic.

MCRD 2015 07 MCRD 2015 08

Mike Sherbo’s ’39 Chevrolet Coupe.

MCRD 2015 09

Brenda Anthony’s ’99 Jeep Wrangler.

MCRD 2015 10

Paul & Sigrid Bundy’s ’32 Ford and Alex Abosamra’s ’32 Ford Roadsters.

MCRD 2015 11

Rick & Linda Milford’s ’34 Ford Roadster, and Bill Shiels ’06 Mustang GT’

MCRD 2015 13

Ed VanLaningham’s ’49 Ford F1 Pickup.

MCRD 2015 14

Bill Shiels with his ’06 Mustang GT.

MCRD 2015 15

Patrick Burns’ ’69 Camaro, brought to the show by his brother Mark.

MCRD 2015 20

The Jaguar Club made an impressive showing at MCRD.

MCRD 2015 25

The Corvette Club was also prominently displayed.

MCRD 2015 26

The food trucks were right in the center of the show. Good location.

MCRD 2015 30

Even with over 350 vehicles on display, there was still room for more. We should shoot for 20 cars next year.

MCRD 2015 29

George & Joyce loaded up and ready to head home.

MCRD 2015 34

It was a very enjoyable day. We’ll definitely plan to attend next year, hopefully with a larger group.

George & Joyce Cowman
Wagon Masters

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