Poker Run at the Goodguys Del Mar Nationals 4/5/18

4/5, Thursday, 11a-2p: Poker Run at the Goodguys Del Mar Nationals, SD County Fairgrounds.

What a great So Cal Chamber of Commerce day. Could not have been better. John McDowell and I made the drive to Del Mar as planned, picked up our registrations for the show, the made it across the street to the fairgrounds. There we met up with Ed VanLaningham and Lana Thompson in Ed’s ’65 Ford Falcon Convertible and the early arrivals for the run and show. After a short wait, the Over The Hill Gang San Diego folks began to arrive. It was then we learned the start for the run had been postponed to 11:00 AM. Bummer, we could have slept in another hour. But, it was a nice morning, so we took advantage of the wait to swap lies and alibis.

Right at 11:00 the run started out from the southeast area of the main parking lot at the fairgrounds, drew the 1st card, then drove through Del Mar and Torrey Pines, jumped on the I-5 South and headed for Loma Portal and the Malt Shop. As it was just about noon, we hung out at the Malt Shop for 45 minutes to an hour and had lunch, drew the 2nd card, and the Goodguys photographers took a group picture. Then we headed for Point Loma and the Shelter Island marina parking lot where we drew our 3rd card. Then on to Glorietta Bay Park on Coronado for a break and drew the 4th card. After a short rest, it was back in saddle and back to Del Mar to draw the 5th card. They’ll announce the winner during the weekend at the show. The drive was a great way to start a weekend of total submersion in the SoCal Car Culture, that’s for sure.

When the Del Mar National Edition of the Goodguys Gazette comes out in a few months, look for Ed’s Falcon and my Buick in the piece about the Poker Run.


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