Poway Cruiser Night at Cruise’n Grand 2016

Friday, 7/22: Poway Cruiser Night at Cruise’n Grand, is history.

We met at the event as planned, after braving the usual Friday evening gantlet that is I-15 North, and some pretty daunting heat.  I know my weather station at home indicated it was 102 degrees F when we left Poway at 4:15 PM. But, as the evening progressed the temperature subsided and it became quite comfortable, at least in the shade.

By the end of the evening we had around 25 member cars parked on south Broadway, a pretty nice showing considering the temperature.  Originally we has 29 cars signed up, but nine (9) backed out, and five or so crashed the party, so we ended up with a nice showing. Members that I remember making the show were:

Ed VanLaningham in his Mustang
Walter Borra in his ’34 Chevy
Chuck Kramer driving his ’33 Chevy Coupe
Jerry Reed in his ’32 Chevy
Marc & Tracy Abramson with their Mustang
Joe & Carol Artino in their ’69 Firebird Sprint
Ed & Carol Asbury with their freshly rebirthed ’33 Ford 4 Dr
Dick Blank driving his ’55 Ford Crown Vic
Ray & Judie Kusmer in his ’37 Chevy 4 Dr.
Dave Miller & Son drove their ’67 GMC Stepside
Katie Timmons (new member )& friend made the show in her ’69 Dodge Charger
Earl Asbury brought his ’66 Caddy Convertible
Joyce and me drove our ’37 Buick Special Coupe
Rick & Linda Milford in their ’31 Ford Vicki and his son drove the ’34 Ford Roadster
Fred Kokaska brought his ’61 Corvette
Sam & Brenda Grinceri made the show in their bright orange  ’32 Ford Roadster
Bill Avery & Grandson drove his ’66 Ford Ranchero
Tommy Hulan (new member) made it in his ’67 Ford F-250
Gerry & Lea Ann Fay made it with their ’65 Corvette
Alex & Jean Ann Abosamra joined the fun in their ’32 Ford Roadster
Bill & Peggy Troop brought one of their Mustangs
Bill & Molly Personius arrived in their ’67 Mustang Convertible
Joe Musick & his Dad showed off their restored ’69 Open GT.

I’m sure there where others.

During the course of the evening the show sponsors, Best of Show Coachworks, in addition to the show awards also held a raffle & auction to raise funds for a child battling cancer.  I don’t know how much they raised but there was a lot of action around their booth.  Several club members participated and took home nice prize baskets.

Finally, the evening came to a close around 8:30 PM with the awards.  Ed & Carol Asbury’s ’33 Ford 4 Dr was selected for one of the Cruise’n Grand awards sponsored Best Of Show Coachworks and Earl Asbury’s ’66 Caddy was selected by the cancer patients’ grandfather to also receive the Best Of Show Coachworks award.  All in all, a great evening for the Poway Cruisers.

Reported by:
George Cowman
Events Coordinator
Poway Cruisers Car Club

Pictures taken by George, Click on to enlarge.

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