Poway Cruisers at the Cruisin Grand Fund Raiser 1/14/2018

Poway Cruisers at the Cruisin Grand Fund Raiser 1/14/2018

What another wonderful Southern California day! Mid-winter, Sunday morning, 80 degrees, downtown Escondido on the corner of Broadway and Grand. Almost paradise.

As promised, Stave Waldron had the area all setup for a great morning cruise in. We started the morning about 7:00 AM, arriving and parking on the south side of Broadway with only 4 cars about 7:20 AM.  By 8:30 the club had at least 14 member cars at the event, with over 500 cars making the show.

The Poway Cruisers elected to try Swami’s for breakfast as it was close (150 West Grand Ave.) just a half block from where most of us parked. In retrospect, we might have been better to walk the 5 blocks to Charlies. Swami’s was slow, and the food just “OK”. Still, we had a very enjoyable hour to visit and enjoy each other’s company.

After breakfast, it was car cleanup time, then walk the show and see who made the scene. I think everyone who is anyone in the San Diego Car Culture was there. Could not take 10 steps without meeting someone you knew.

For the club, I saw at least fourteen (14) member’s cars:

Ray & Judie Kusmer’s ’37 Chevy 4dr Sedan
Jack Brackx’s Caddy
Ron & Kathy Shedd’s ’69 Camaro
John McDowell’s ’38 Ford 2dr
Peter Lutz’s Camaro
Alex & Jean Ann Abosamra’s ‘32 Ford Roadster
Paul & Sigrid Bundy’s ’32 Ford Roadster
Gary & Jan Haugley’s ’72 Chevelle Convertible
Earl Asbury & Bessie in Earls ’29 Ford Sedan Delivery
Fred & Barbara Kokaska’s ’61 Corvette
Joe & Jeff Musick’s ’69 Opel GT
Jerry Keller’s MOPAR
George & Joyce Cowman’s ’37 Buick Special; Coupe
Doug Smith’s Nova

I’m sure there where others, just too many to track.

Steve had plenty of music and prize giveaways going on all morning, keeping everyone entertained. A little after noon, Steve MC’d the closing ceremonies and we were on our way a little after 1:00 PM.

Altogether, a great turnout and a fun show! Congratulations. Steve!

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