Club Guidelines


The Organization will be known as the Poway Cruisers, an un-incorporated club.


The objective is to promote the automotive hobby and fellowship amongst its members.


The colors are black, silver or white, and red.

The emblem consists of a white or silver and red shield border that includes a red or white hot rod coupe on a section of historic Highway 395, with the silver silhouette of the Twin Peaks in the background.

Club shirts are black, white, or red with the club emblem on the left breast, and optionally on the back.

Club jackets are black with the club emblem on the left breast and the member’s name (first or whole) on one line, and optionally club standing (e.g., President 2010, or any other title as defined in the Club Guidelines) on the 2nd line on the right breast, with the club emblem on the back. No specific jacket design is specified but all jackets are subject to club approval.


To become a member the individual must submit a New Members Application to any member of the Steering Committee.  A member is defined as the individual and his/her significant other (married or not married), and each is a member. Each member carries one (1) vote.

Membership will be confirmed annually during the month of January through email confirmation.  For members that do not use email, direct contact by phone will be used.

A member may ask to be dropped from membership at any time without prejudice.


There are no standing membership dues. However, to fund club operations a 50/50 raffle is conducted at each monthly member meeting. Members attending can participate, participation is optional.



The officers are President, Past-President, and 9 Steering Committee members.  All officers must be members.


The Steering Committee will appoint a club Secretary, Treasurer, and Events Coordinator, from its membership.

The Steering Committee will solicit volunteer Wagon Masters for club events as needed; i.e., club selected fun runs and cruises to events sponsored by other clubs.

The Steering Committee will appoint an Elections Committee annually in September to include at least one member from the Steering Committee and at least one member from the general membership.


Candidates for President and Steering Committee will be by nomination of active members by active members.

Nominations will be held in October and elections will take place in November. Candidates must verbally nominated and seconded at the October meeting. The candidate must accept the nomination, either verbally at the October meeting or in writing via email to the Election Committee before the November Steering Committee Meeting. Officers to be installed at the first Steering Committee meeting in January. Nominated candidates must accept the nomination in person or by email before being placed on the ballot.

Voting will be by secret ballot by all members present at the November members meeting.

Election ties will be resolved by a run-off election using a duplicate of the original ballot with the all but the tied nominees crossed out. The run-off will be conducted immediately.

Officer positions on the ballot will read as follows:  President, Steering Committee.

President will serve for one (1) year, Past-President for 1 year, and Steering Committee for three (3) years, with 1/3 of the Steering Committee replaced or re-elected annually.

If any elected member of the Steering Committee cannot complete their term, the Steering Committee will appoint a member at large to fill the position for the remainder of the calendar year.  The appointed member is automatically nominated to fill the open position and will be placed on the Annual Elections of Officers Ballot in November. If elected, the term will be the remaining term of the members replaced.



Represents the Club by providing leadership for club operations and functions in conjunction with and representing the Club Steering Committee. Presides over the meetings in accordance with the guidelines and represents the club at all club related functions. Represents the club at the monthly Car Club Council (CCC) meetings, and reports matters of interest from the CCC meetings to the club.


Assumes all presidential responsibilities in the President’s absence. Supports the President at meetings and represents the club.

Steering Committee

Provides general guidance and leadership of club operations, functions, and funds management. On a rotational basis, each steering committee member will accompany the club President to the monthly meeting of the San Diego Car Club Council, and report items of interest to the members.


Records and maintains minutes of all meetings, maintains current guidelines, and other duties as determined by the Steering Committee.


Manages all club monies and maintains proper records (NOTE: once a checking account is established, the President’s and Treasurer’s signature is required for all checks).

Events Coordinator

Maintains the club Activities Calendar, and provides coordination as required for club and club participation events.  Presents updates to the Activities calendar at each members meeting.

Elections Committee

Processes nominations, prepares ballots, collects ballots, counts ballots, and reports the results to the membership.


Steering Committee

Meetings will be held the Tuesday the week prior to the members meeting each month.  The agenda will include but not be limited to:  Call to Order, Review of attended events since last meeting, review of status and plan for coming events for the next 3 months, funds report, ah hoc items , time/location of the next Steering Committee and Members meetings, adjournment.

Members Meeting

Meetings will be held the third Thursday of each month.  The agenda will include but not be limited to:  Call to Order, visitor introduction, Review of attended events since last meeting, reminder of coming events for at least the next 3 months, funds report, ah hoc items, time/location of the next meeting, adjournment.


A member may submit a written grievance against a member for conduct unbecoming a member of the club to the Steering Committee. The grievance will be reviewed by the Steering Committee and if substantiated the member will be censured but not dismissed. If a second grievance is submitted and substantiated by the Steering Committee, the individual’s membership will be terminated.


There are three (3) types of club functions (events):

Members Only Events

These are events restricted to club members and immediate family, such as the Annual Members Picnic, and the Annual Christmas Dinner Party.

Club Sponsored Events

These are events produced by club members open to the general public and members of other automotive clubs.  This includes casino crawls and poker runs, Spirit of the Fourth Car Show, Poway Heritage Day Parade, and others.

Club Participation Events

These are events produced by other clubs or entities that the Steering Committee has designated for coordinated club participation.  An event Wagon Master is designated and participants will usually meet at a predetermined place and time away from the event so as to arrive at the event together.

Wagon Master and Assistant Wagon Master

The Wagon Master (WM) is responsible for managing the caravan or run. This includes: Obtaining the event Signup Sheet from the Event Coordinator, and checking in each participant on the Signup Sheet for the event. Returns the Signup Sheet to the Event Coordinator for club records.

Assures the route to be followed is understood by all participants. This could include preparation of maps or written driving instructions for each participant.

Control the speed of the caravan to the posted speed limit, not to exceed 60 MPH.

Ask for a volunteer or appoint if needed an Assistant Wagon Master (AWM) to drive at the rear of the group to keep track of stragglers, run interference for lane changes, and assist with keeping the group together and safe.

As incentive for volunteering for the Assistant Wagon Master role, the Wagon Master will reserve an adjacent parking space for the AWM where possible.


With the exception of SDCCC Annual Dues, Gift for the outgoing President, $25.00 gift certificate or plaque for outgoing Steering Committee Members, expenses for the Annual Members Picnic, and a semi-annual Top Participant Award,  all club funds are discretionary and available to the Steering Committee for expenditures for Club business that may arise. Expenses are to be approved by the Steering Committee at it’s monthly meeting prior to incurring the expense.

Approval of the expenditure can be obtained between Steering Committee meetings through email polling of the Steering Committee. The request for funds must be submitted to the President who will conduct the email poll. To be approved 100% of the Steering Committee must be contacted.  A simple majority of the Steering Committee is required for approval of the expenditure.

Changes to Guidelines

The Steering Committee will appoint annually a Rules Committee of at least 3 Steering Committee members to consider changes and additions to the club guidelines.  Changes or additions to the Guidelines will be submitted by the Rules Committee for Steering Committee review and acceptance. Once accepted by the Steering Committee the changes will be presented to the membership for approval.  Approved changes will be effective immediately.


1st revision of the Guidelines was submitted to the membership and approved on 11/17/2010. Those revisions are underlined.


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