Hamburger Factory 7-22-15

The weather was classic Chamber of Commerce Southern California for this evenings’ Cruise In at the Hamburger Factory.  We had a nice turnout of 20 vehicles, around half of them from the Poway Cruisers, another nice bunch from the Street Masters led by Vince Yamaguchi. The show featured a nice mix of classic muscle, traditional hot rods, and a custom rod or 2.

The Hamburger Factory staff reviewed the vehicles and selected Jerry Badders C-10 Chevy Pickup as the Favorite of the Show.  The 50/50 OD had a $94.00 pot, so Linda Bryan took home the winners portion, and $47.00 went to the club funds.

This was the 8th show of the season, leaving 6 more coming up: 8/12 & 8/26, 9/9 & 9/23, and 10/14 & 28.

Don’t miss the enjoyment of hanging out with fellow club members, maybe patronizing the Hamburger Factory for a relaxing dinner.  See you August 12th. There will be cake.

George Cowman and Earl Asbury, Wagon Masters for the Hamburger Factory Cruise In.

Photos by George Cowman

Click on a picture to enlarge:

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