Hamburger Factory 8-12-15

Hamburger Factory Cruise Night 8-12-15

We had a very nice little cruise in at the Hamburger Factory on Wednesday evening, The day cooled off early making for a very comfortable SoCal evening. We had 23-25 cars in the lot with around 40 people plus a few locals.  In addition, Channel 7 News was on hand to record interviews with Poway residents concerning Mayor Vaus’s proposed ordinance against private citizens flying un-manned drones in the vicinity of fire or police emergencies.  They interviewed several people and showed a few clips on the 11:00 PM News Wednesday night.

We were also visited by a photojournalist from the News Chieftain. She was looking for interesting things that happen in Poway and had heard about the cruise in at the Hamburger Factory.  She was there about an hour taking pictures and talking to participants. I think she interviewed Lynn & Leonard Kunce, Gerrie Griffin, Greg Thiem. Jerry Badders, and Paul Bundy, maybe a few others.

To finish off the evening, we served everyone a piece of Costco Chocolate on Chocolate cake as it was my birthday, then the staff from the Hamburger Factory selected a Bright Red ’57 Chevrolet Bel Air 2dr HT belonging to Richard Martin as the Favorite of the Show.  The 50/50 pot got to $109.00, with $55.00 going to the winner, Joyce Cowman.  $54.00 went to the club, and was given to Gerrie for deposit.

Altogether, a nice fun evening.  Next Cruise In will be 8/26. Earl will be Wagon Master.

George Cowman
Wagon Master for 8/12.

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