Hamburger Factory First Cruise Night 4/25/18

Hamburger Factory First Cruise Night 4/25/18

The first Poway Cruisers at the Hamburger Factory Cruise Night was Wednesday, April 25 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Weather was great when we got there but the breeze got cool as soon as the sun went behind the trees. 
Turnout was nice, with 27 vehicles: 18 Poway Cruisers cars, several from the Street Masters, MOPAR Club, and others. Nice crowd, including local residents and customers of the Hamburger Factory and the Old Poway Center across the street.

The evening concluded with Arnell Garcia, (Street Masters) winning a lunch for 2 at the Hamburger Factory when her ’70 Chevy Corvette was picked as the Favorite of the Show. I don’t recall who won the Gift Card for Breakfast for 2 at the Hamburger Factory.

To complete the evening, Carol Asbury (Poway Cruiser), who brought their 67 Pontiac GTO, won the 50/50.

Altogether, a very pleasant evening and a successful 1st Cruise Night of the season.

Next Wednesday Night Cruise will be May 23rd

Hamburger Factory 4/25/18

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